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Clear Packaging and the Environment

clear-pet-carton-03Children learn about protecting the environment at school and governments are legislating for a greener world. Consumers now actively seek more sustainable packaging and look for recycling logos on packaging.

Today, sustainable packaging is a product plus. Tomorrow, it may be about the sustainability of your business. Clear-pak Australia seeks to be a leader in developing and promoting more sustainable packaging – from raw materials to point of sale.

Green and clean

Clear-pak Australia has implemented an Environmental Policy, guided by AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 (Australian and New Zealand Environmental Standard).

All materials used in the manufacture of our products are 100% recyclable (if printed or embossed with appropriate logo). All production processes are energy efficient and all factory waste is recycled using approved waste recycling streams. Clear-pak continually assesses any impact on the environment and improves processes accordingly.

Introducing... Clear-pet®: 100% recycled PET

  • clearpet-logo-col-regoMade from recycled plastic beverage bottles *
  • 20-100% recycled content & 100% recyclable
  • High Impact Strength
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Perfect for printing
  • Food Grade
  • Helps companies move toward their sustainable packaging goals
  • Logo can appear on packaging so consumers can make educated decisions on their purchases
  • Extrusion methods save energy, natural resources and help encourage the recycling of bottles and plastic packaging.

* Other recycled PET materials and components are used unless 100% recycled content is specified.

Is Clear Packaging a sustainable alternative?
If certain materials and production processes are used, clear packaging is a sustainable alternative. By placing the appropriate logos on the packaging, the environmental credentials of the product can be communicated to the customer. This ultimately encourages the growth of recycling and reuse of plastic products.*

Do the materials used contain any recycled content?
Materials can contain anything from 0-100% recycled content. The amount of recycled content depends on the type of package and clarity required.

Are the materials recyclable?
Yes, providing the relevant logo is either printed or embossed on the material. This includes printed and glued items.*

Can Clear-pak provide information on the total Carbon Footprint for the raw materials, production and delivery of a particular clear cardbord packaging product?
Yes. A full audit on the total Carbon Footprint can be undertaken prior to the commencement of a particular project.**

Can plastic can be more sustainable than cardboard?
It's a fact - plastic can be better for the environment than cardboard - click to read more.

* More information is available upon request regarding the sustainability of plastic and clear packaging. References are available to substantiate all environmental claims.

** Minimum quantities apply for conducting carbon footprint audits.

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