Why Clear Packaging?

Why Clear Packaging?

Packaging is the first touch point the consumer has with your product

How do you convince consumers to purchase your product over others?

How do you convince consumers to purchase your product when they had no intention of buying anything?

What type of packaging attracts the most attention and gives your product the edge during the evaluation process and final purchase decision?

ANSWER: Clear Packaging

  • Differentiates your  product from competitors and attracts attention quickly
  • Adds value to the product like no other type of packaging
  • Enables your product to be seen – the best way to showcase your product
  • Promotes a distinctive and innovative look & feel
  • Protects the product better than most other types of packaging
  • Sustainable – recycled and recyclable materials
  • Increases likelihood of repeated due to robust construction and easy identification of contents
  • Leads to increased sales.

Why it’s time to consider clear plastic packaging
Clear plastic packaging has many advantages beyond allowing the consumer to see the products they are buying. Plastic provides excellent value for money as it invariably leads to increased sales by adding value to a product or brand over time. It also enables product differentiation from competitors, cutting through the clutter. It’s available in any shape, size or colour and it can be designed to have a distinctive shelf presence. It especially suits seasonal packaging promotions and gifting. Plastic packaging is more durable offering extended shelf life for reusable point of sale products. And finally, it’s a great sustainable alternative as it can be made from recycled materials and is recyclable.